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As a professional athlete I have experienced massage all over the world. But in all my travels, I have found no finer place than New Four Seasons Spa & Massage... by Judith

New Four Seasons for Women
Swedish Massage, Shiatsu Massage & Body Cleansing

Spa Sauna

Sauna Entrance Fee only $30
This includes use of
Dry Sauna
Steam Sauna,
Shower Room,
Salt Room &
Fomentation Room .
Free Entrance for Massage Clients


New Four Seasons Spa & Massage
Best Day Spa for Women at Fort Lee, New Jersey
Health Spa & Skin Care
Shiatsu Massage,
Body Cleansing
Swedish Massage,
Feet Massage,
Stone Massage & Facial,
Massage for Pregnant Women

Open 7 Days 7AM-12AM,
Last Appointment 10PM
Call for an Appointment. 201-592-6990

Address. 166 Main Street 3rd Fl. Fort Lee, NJ 07024

Best Massage & Spa in New Jersey

Welcome to Spa Fort Lee for Women
Best Day Spa & Massage Fort Lee, New Jersey - New Four Seasons Spa & Massage

Our Massage Service - Day Spa for Women Fort Lee, New Jersey

Swedish Massage

In addition to Shiatsu, all of our masseuses are experts in Swedish massage, This massage is more basic in nature and is recommended for relaxation purposes rather than therapeutic.

Body Cleansing & Body Shampoo

This is an exfoliation of the top layer of skin around the body. The process is accomplished by gently rubbing the skin with an exfoliating towel. After the exfoliation, the body is vigorously shampooed with a luxuriant lather. The exfoliation promotes the growth of the new underlying skin. The benefits are a healthier, softer and younger-looking skin.

Body Massage

For women, there are added specialties that she can indulge in. After the Body Cleansing, the body can be massaged with milk and oil. This promotes a softer, supple feel to the skin. There are other treatments which include a combination of ingredients including: milk, oil, honey egg-whites, liquid-yogurt, apple, cucumbers and natural pure aloe.

Asian women have been enjoying these treatments and their benefits for years. This is their secret to healthy, beautiful skin.

Price Lists

Sauna Entrance Fee(2Hours) $30
This includes use of: Dry Sauna, Steam Sauna, Shower Room, Salt Room & Fomentation Room
* Free Entrance for Massage Clients

Body Cleansing(Exfoliating) $60 / 45Min
Swedish Massage $50 / 30Min, $80/1Hr
Pregnant Woman Massage $50 / 30Min, $90/1Hr
Hot Stone Massage $50 / 30Min, $80/1Hr
Facial Massage $50 / 30Min, $80/1Hr
Area Massage $50 / 30Min, $90/1Hr

All Massages are for 1 Hour
Half Hour Massage Only $50

Coupon Available at discount rate / Gift Certificates Available